Observing the New Arctic

Physical oceanography Observational Seminar, Spring 2019

Professor Jen MacKinnon , Fridays 12-1, OAR / Keck 150


Course Overview

The Arctic Ocean is changing rapidly, as the ice melts, the water warms, and significant alterations in everything from mesoscale circulation to biogeochemistry follow suit. In this seminar we’ll investigate some of those changes through discussion of cutting edge observational papers.

Every week one or two students will lead discussion of one or two papers. All registered students will lead/present once, and should come other weeks having read the paper and prepared to contribute to the discussion.

Others (non-students at any level) are quite welcome to attend and join the discussion as well.


Additional Reference material (click on each one to go to the paper).

General warming rates and Sea ice reduction

Freshwater balance

Evolving Boundary Currents

Ocean/land interface, erosion, surf zone, cross-shore transport of freshwater, biogeochemistry, sediment, etc

Upper ocean boundary layer structure, turbulence, momentum, stresses

Wind stress and surface waves (somewhat overlapping with above category)

Pacific Water intrusions, Barrow Canyon, heat content, and heat content

Shelf and coastal

Internal Waves

General mixing

Changing T-S structure: spice, double-diffusion, and ‘Altantification’

Physics and Biology intersection (all could be **)