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Mike Goldin  is a Principal Development Engineer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography who has been designing, developing, and deploying highly specialized oceanographic instrumentation systems for SIO for the past 35 years, beginning while still an undergraduate pursuing his degree in applied physics at UCSD. He has been on over 50 at-sea expeditions the world over with Dr. Robert Pinkel’s Ocean Physics Group. He trains and manages a team of highly skilled development engineers and mechanical and electronic technicians. His work includes coded-pulse and phased-array doppler sonar systems, autonomous ocean-wave-powered profiling (Wirewalker) systems, automatic high-speed shipboard CTD systems, graphical real-time data acquisition and control systems, embedded FPGA and micro-controller systems, and underwater electro-mechanical energy harvesters. Mike mentors students from all over the U.S. through SIO’s Marine Physical Laboratory's Summer Internship Program in Engineering for Physical Oceanography, many of whom have gone on to study at the country’s top oceanography and engineering programs.

Mike is a part of the Wirewalker team. Read more here.

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  • B.S, Applied Physics, UCSD