MOD Technology

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EPSILOMETER // Next-generation turbulence measurements

With the growing need to measure and monitor turbulence to both better understand climate and biogeochemical processes MOD has developed the epsilometer.  This inexpensive, low power instrument is a modular platform for next-generation sensors suitable for floats, gliders, and shipboard profilers.



The Wirewalker as an ocean profiler designed to traverse a column of water, using the power of ocean waves as propulsion. By using a ratcheting cam system, the Wirewalker can precisely profile while carrying data collecting instruments, with the profiling rate increasing as seas get larger. The Wirewalker has proven itself to be a functional and useful tool for scientists who wish to collect high-quality ocean profiling data.


Shallow Water Integrated Mapping System (SWIMS)

SWIMS is a unique towed system that provides snapshots of ocean mixing at an unprecedented resolution using dynamic winching of the towed-body relative to the sea surface.  SWIMS carries upward and downward-looking ADCP’s, two pumped CTD’s, optical backscatter sensors, and a temperature and conductivity microstructure package (chi-ometer) consisting of a Sea-bird SB7 dual-needle conductivity probe and an SB8 FP07 thermistor mounted at the nose of the instrument. SWIMS comes with it’s own 440V, 3-phase winch.


Modular Microstructure Profiler (MMP)

The MMP is a loosely tethered microstructure profiler that carries a pumped CTD, shear probes and FP07 thermistors for velocity and temperature microstructure. It is deployed from the stern of research vessels with a twisted-pair cable and can be operated in time series or along slow (0.5-2 knot) transects, providing repeated profiles of dissipation and buoyancy flux. Profiles to 300 meters can be done every 15-20 minutes. The MMP comes with its own 110 volt winch.